The Illustrated Guards! Guards!

Sir Terry Pratchett

The Dunmanifestin Edition

A beautifully bound edition of The Illustrated Guards! Guards! containing brand-new full-page colour illustrations from long-time Discworld artist Paul Kidby.

Foil-embossed with metallic gold page edges and presented in a dragon-skin* solander box also containing an eclectic folio of beautiful Guards! Guards! ephemera. Each copy features a numbered tip-in sheet signed by Paul Kidby.

This stunning book is the definitive edition for the collector.

Limited edition of 1000 copies.

*No dragons were harmed in the making of this book

The Illustrated Guards! Guards! £195 Published 22nd April 2021
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The bestselling fantasy novel by Sir Terry Pratchett, first published in 1989, translated into over 20 languages and listed as the nation's 69th favourite novel in the BBC's Big Read in 2003.

Insurrection is in the air in the city of Ankh-Morpork. The Haves and Have-Nots are about to fall out all over again.

Captain Sam Vimes of the city’s ramshackle Night Watch is used to this. It’s enough to drive a man to drink. Well, to drink more. But this time, something is different – the Have-Nots have found the key to a dormant, lethal weapon that even they don’t fully understand, and they’re about to unleash a campaign of terror on the city.

Time for Captain Vimes to sober up.